CCI is a leading organization in its field of operation, and have been in service to Power Industry for more than 54 yrs. We are on a path of expansion & budgeting to grow more than 600% in two years.

We offer a challenging career to aspiring candidates. The work atmosphere is free, with access to knowledge, intermixing of departments , an atmosphere to share & challenge, think alternative , giving right opportunity to passionate persons put across ideas for creative & positive changes.

The business environment we are in is competitive, providing limitless opportunities to people to put all their knowledge & technical expertise to use for exploring next generation products at competitive pricing & superior in quality.

We have a performance appraisal system in place & the right candidates shall have required career growth.

Our personnel have been the benchmarks of the industry, & 90% of people have enjoyed working with us, their entire working lifetime.

Come, make a Lasting career decision & be part of the growing industry.

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