The History of Cable Corporation of India Ltd. is as old as electric cable manufacturing in India. It dates back to 1957 when two Indian business groups, Thackerseys and Khataus, joined hands with two German companies Siemens and F&G and established a PVC power cable factory, to manufacture PVC insulated and sheathed cables and wires in India for the first time. Conceived as a joint venture, Siemens provided the technical know-how, whilst the Khatau group was responsible for the day to day management of the company.


In May 1957, land was bought for the factory in Borivali, a distant northern suburb of Mumbai. A state of the art factory was established in this locale and all manufacturing activity was conducted under one roof.


Production at the factory covered a wide range of cables - paper insulated lead sheathed cables, PVC heavy-duty cables, PVC light duty cable wires, flexible wires, PVC cables for special applications, mining cables, screened signalling cables, airport lighting cables, XLPE cables and Extra High Voltage cables.


In March 1997, another plant primarily engaged in the production of Low Voltage (LT) cables was established at Nashik, Maharashtra. This plant was later expanded to manufacture medium voltage and High Voltage (HT) cables. In 2009, CCI setup their second plant in Nashik, for the production of Extra High Voltage (EHV) Cables up to 500kV. CCI has a leadership position in the EHV market in India.


Presently, two units - the EHV Plant & LT/HT plant - are operating from Nashik. The Borivali factory has closed down and is shifted toNashik.


CCI was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange with the Hiten Khatau group being the only continuing Promoter.


Over the years Cable Corporation of India Ltd. has grown from strength to strength. Today the wide range of cables it manufactures is synonymous with experience and quality, thus continually 'bringing power to the people'.




  • CCI played a leading role in import substitution and was also the first in India to take up the substitution of aluminium as the conductor material in cables in place of copper.
  • CCI worked successfully with the Railway Authorities of India, and the Defence Authorities etc. to develop special types of cables.
  • CCI has taken an active part in developing various standards for electric cables and wires& is represented in BIS committees, and international forums like CIGRE.
  • CCI was recognized by the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India. The company's expertise is supported by a strong team of highly qualified technical personnel.
  • As early as 1993, CCI became the first Indian company to manufacture Extra High Voltage Cables upto 230 KV - tested at KEMA, Netherlands.
  • CCI was the only company in Asia that had a technical collaboration with Mitsubishi Cable Industries of Japan for the MDCV process for manufacturing EHVXLPE cables. CCI obtained the rights to the patent and the know how to produce and sell the cables manufactured using the MDCV process.
  • CCI has been awarded World Bank business tenders against International competition.
  • CCI has successfully exported its quality products to South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Kuwait, Singapore and other countries.