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Zero Halogen Limited Fire Survival Cables

There were cases of major fires in motor coaches, ships, high rise buildings, underground metro’s. Hence cables are developed with properties like: Zero halogen, Low smoke, Low toxicity index, Limited fire survival.


100 kV DC Flexible Cable

This cable is mainly developed for supplying power to plasma equipment with electron beam technology. The HVDC cable design as well as compounds were developed having lowest stress inversion & space charge suppression properties.


Electrostatic Precipitator Cable

80 kV & 100 kV DC cables are developed mainly for Pollution control in Cement plant or Power plant. These cables are XLPE insulated with Special design.


Cables with Preformed armour

Generally armour wires have a tendency to spring out. These cables used specially preformed armour wires that do not open up even after cable cutting. These cables are mainly used for communication, oil exploration and under water usages.


HV Aerial Bunched Cable upto 33 kV

These cables have been developed for replacing Overhead conductors in urban areas & remote jungle areas.


Over head Covered conductors upto 33 kV

This is developed to replace bare over head conductors by insulated & axially water tight conductors in hilly areas having high amount of rainfall.


Cables for use in Solar Power Generation

These cables are developed for transmission of power generated by Solar panels to the main power system.


Special Products
Special Products


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